Travel Noire creates an exclusive community for Black travelers worldwide


Travel Noire, a subsidiary of the well-known Blavity, Inc. conglomerate, is a digital media company serving millennials of the African Diaspora with inspiring content that helps travelers discover, plan, and experience new destinations.

On March 17, the company announced the launch of its revamped Travel Noire Community App, which will create a niche space for Black folks to meet, message, share ideas, and go deeper with our peers on topics we care about most.

Find and chat with Black travelers around the world

Members are encouraged to create topics, articles, and polls to engage in conversation with members of the community. You may invite friends to the community and find other members of the community who live near you.

Join city groups and find the best things to see, do and eat

The app grants exclusive access to online meetups each month, and 7-day, 6-night city guides catered to the Black experience.

Learn strategies to travel more and spend less

The app also hosts in-depth video masterclasses teaching financial independence, entrepreneurship, and ways to adopt travel as a lifestyle. Members will receive instant updates when there are new flight deals or travel packages available.

The app is free to download, but offers upgraded features for those who would like to invest in a comprehensive experience detailed above.

You can visit their site to learn more or download the app on IOS and Android devices HERE.

Happy traveling!

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