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Florida woman creates free online database of Black-owned businesses

As businesses rebound amid the pandemic, trends show a sharp divide in the future. A survey from the “Federal Reserve Bank of New York” shows 58% of Black business owners say they’re worried about the financial health of their business. Only 27% of their white counterparts feel the same. Click…

Trabian Shorters speaking on Narrative in our Communities

Trabian Shorters is one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and a leading catalyst of a national movement to first define black people by their aspirations and contributions, then to secure their fundamental freedoms to Live, Own, Vote and Excel. Shorters is a retired tech entrepreneur, and the former head…

These 18 Black Entrepreneurs are helping create South Florida’s future

While Miami’s Black community suffers from persistent inequities overall, Miami’s Black startup community has seen rapid growth over the last 10 years. That’s due in large part to the work of CodeFever, Blacktech Week, and with organizations like Black Men Talk Tech, Venture Café, Dibia’s STEM Saturday’s, Black Girl Ventures Miami and newly formed Black Angels Miami. Read…

Graphic Design Grad’s Apparel Brand Earns Wide-Ranging Attention

Full Sail grad and Foolies CEO and founder Alex “Nemo” Hanse has built a brand on empowering black millennials through positive representation and inspirational content. Now, even with recognition from some seriously notable entities, the Graphic Design graduate is as humble as ever. See the Full Article
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