We’ve stocked up on the toilet paper and the refrigerators are full…for now. Banded together in isolation from 2020’s strange twist of events, it’s only normal to feel a little bit panicked about the future. If you’re starting to get a little anxious about whats next for our business economy, do not fear. This can be a boom time for many industries!

Here are just 9 types of businesses that thrive during a pandemic you might not have considered. 


How are you supposed to stay active stuck in a 70 square meter apartment? While gyms and yoga studios close up shop as streets go quiet, the world will become restless within the confines of their homes.

Online fitness videos, apps and influencers will experience a surge in traffic and downloads. This can also be an opportunity for traditional gyms and fitness studios to start diversifying their incomes and creating an online income stream for themselves offering up online training classes or programs.


You could say that being stuck in isolation with your partner is a true test of a relationship. Unfortunately in China, after isolation was imposed from COVID-19, not many couples passed. It experiencing a spike in divorce rates during the pandemic.

On the flip side of this, economic downturns lead to job lay-offs and contract breakages. Companies who aren’t careful will be left open to liability.  Lawyers who fight for employees and businesses will both be kept busy along with their neighbors down the hall in the divorce division.


Global condom shortage looms

As many will be getting sick and tired of their spouses’ company, just as many will be loved up between the sheets.

Sex is one of the best ways to combat high cortisol levels and businesses that can enhance, support or create a healthy sexual appetite will be poised to make a lot of money.

One week into quarantine, condom sales have already spiked. So will births nine months down the line.  Doulas, get into position!


Those who have been laid off will be looking for new work opportunities whilst businesses will be looking for flexible talent such as freelancers and contractors.

Local job sites, Indeed, Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, all of these are set to experience high levels of engagement as the workforce settles itself back down into a new normal.

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As if this industry wasn’t doing well enough before with Boomers coming into retirement, throw a global virus in the mix and the demand for products that can bring peace of mind skyrockets.

Medical alert bracelets, at-home test kits, face masks, and sanitizer brands will skyrocket in price.


Fear and panic is not a good place to operate from.   Keeping a cool head during tough times is what will turn the situation from disaster to growth opportunity. Easier said than done right? How are you supposed to stay calm and carry on when the whole world is in hysterics around you?

Mindset skeptics will suddenly turn into avid practitioners and downloads for meditation apps and online courses that help people to reconnect with their inner peace will surge.  Some of our favorites include brain.fm and ThinkUp.

Using brain.fm as a Facebook Freelancer during a pandemic


Remote working with large teams is an art.  Video conferencing is one way to bring the digital a little closer to a real face-to-face experience.  Companies like Zoom and Squadcast will become the connections keeping businesses afloat by allowing teams undergoing self-isolation to virtually collaborate.


It’s expected that by 2028 50% of the workforce will be made up of freelancers (currently sitting at 31%). As market conditions change and employers are forced to lay off teams, people will be looking to take their futures into their own hands.

Companies that suffered a hit and are looking to stay afloat will be trying to pivot and innovate in their businesses.

Coaches who provide personal or professional development – especially strategies that are associated with making money, generating business or sales will be the hot item on the menu.


When there’s nowhere to go but indoors, the only shopping taking place will be online. Businesses that have been slow to the curve will either go bankrupt or scramble to set up their set ups online.  Marketers competent in helping businesses succeed in this space will be playing a big part in reducing the impact of the economic hit from a pandemic.

Likewise, when the belt gets too tight, employers are left with little choice than to lay off their teams. Usually, and unfortunately, the first to go will usually be the marketing teams.  Companies will turn instead to flexible contractors and freelancers to support their marketing needs during uncertain times.



We can get through this only by determining what we have to be grateful for, by recognizing what seeds we still have to grow or regrow our harvest. Be sure to research local subsidies available to you to get you through these tough times. You got this!